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How to Make Urgent Request

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If you want to make an urgent request for a quotation for, you can follow these steps:

Go to A webpage will be open with different options on the top bar of the website. Click on urgent Request. As shown in the figure

When you have logged in. Go to Urgent request and a Form will be open.

First, you should be clear with your requirements. Fill in this form to submit urgent requests that will be displayed for all users to see. Add more information to help other users understand what you need, and respond to you quickly. Add the requirements to fill the form accordingly as Your Name, Title of your Post, and your Post that should be clear about your requirements. Then click on Post Submit as shown in the figure

Remember to be clear and specific about your website requirements when requesting a quotation, and always ask for clarifications or revisions if needed.

Author Chat Instruction:
Dear user, If you want to chat with post author then simply copy the post author name and click the Private Message button then paste the author name in the search bar. Author name can be found bellow the post title. You must be logged-in to chat with author.

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We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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