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1.Click on the Selling Options tab.

2.Scroll down to the Seller FAQs section and enable the FAQs module.

3.Click on the Save Changes button.

4.Go to the Seller FAQs tab in the Dokan dashboard.

5.Click on the Add New FAQ button to add a new FAQ.

6.Enter the question in the Question field and the answer in the Answer field.

7.Click on the Publish button to save the FAQ.

8.To edit or delete an existing FAQ, click on the FAQ title to open it, then make the necessary changes and click on the Update button.

9.To display the FAQs on your store, go to the Appearance tab in the Dokan dashboard.

10.Click on the Widgets tab.

11.Find the Dokan Seller FAQ widget and drag it to your preferred location on your store’s frontend.

12.Configure the widget settings to show the FAQs that you want to display.

13Save the widget settings.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily add Seller Frequently Asked Questions to your store and provide helpful information to your customers.

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