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How to list products for bulk buying on the website during the promotional season?

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Step 1: After logging In, click on the profile icon on upper right side of the window. Upon clicking, a drop-down menu will appear. Now, click on ‘Manage Your Shop’.

Step 2: Upon clicking it, your dashboard will open. From the side menu, click on ‘Products’.

Step 3: Once the products window is open, click on the ‘Add New Product’ icon.

Step 4: After clicking on ‘Add New Product’, a pop-up window will appear, as shown in the figure below:

Step 5: Enter the Product Name in the text box provided and click on ‘Create Product’.

Step 6: The newly created product window will open. Select the type of product from the available drop-down menu, add price, and upload the pictures of the product.

Note: You can schedule individual discounts on your product by entering a discounted price and schedule.

Step 7: In the Category option, click to open a small window, and select ‘Group Buy’ from the available menu in order to sell your product in bulk, at a significantly lower price. Click done to close the window and save the settings.

Step 8: Now, in the next text box, add the relevant tags, i.e., keywords, that will help buyers search for your product. Followed by it, add your product’s short and detailed descriptions in the respective text boxes.

Tip: Highlight the offer for Group Buying in the short description.

Step 9: Next, build your product inventory. Add the relevant Stock Keeping Unit. Check the box to Enable product stock management, as it allows you to enter the total quantity of the product and the low stock threshold.

Note: If the items cannot be restocked, select ‘Do not allow’ from the drop-down menu given under ‘allow backorders’ to prevent the excessive ordering of limited products. 

Step 10: In the next tab, add information about the shipping and taxes of the product. Add the weight and dimensions in designated text boxes. Mention the shipping class, tax status, and tax class, if any.

Step 11: Following it, In the next tab, mention the products that can be linked with the current product during purchase. Enter the up-sold and cross-sold products in respective text boxes.

Step 12: Next, in the attribute tab, mention the details of the product by selecting an attribute from the drop-down menu. Click on add attribute and a sub-text box will appear adjacent to the attribute. Enter the respective value(s) of the product by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Note: If the value(s) do not appear in the drop-down menu, click on ‘add new’ to add the relevant values.

Step 13: In the next tab, i.e., Discount Options, carefully enter the minimum quantity required for the client to avail a special specified discount. This will aid the customers in understanding and estimating the benefit of Group Buying your product.

Step 14: In the next tab, enter the RMA options. If you disagree with default Return and Warranty settings, check the overriding box to enter the customized warranty settings, i.e., specify the warranty label, warranty type and describe your RMA policy in the designated text box.  

Step 15: The next tab provides Wholesale Options for your product. If the product can be sold at a further lower wholesale rate, enter the minimum quantity to avail of a specified wholesale price.

Step 16: Next is the min/max tab. Check the box to enable yourself to add the minimum and maximum quantity of the product that can be purchased. Also, specify the minimum and maximum amount required to place the order.

Note: Based on your requirements, you may check the boxes to exclude default order and category rules for your product purchasing.

Step 17: In the next tab, click to specify the current status of the product and product visibility from the available drop-down menus. Add notes for the buyer in the provided text box. Click the check box to enable reviews from buyers.

Step 18: The next tab is the last tab that allows you to advertise your product at a minimal cost of 15 dollars. To enable and manage advertisements, check the box and confirm by clicking Ok.

Step 19: Once the above-mentioned steps are taken, and the information is added, the product is ready to be listed. Click on Save Product to add it to your products list.

Congratulations! Now your product is listed.

Click on view product to open a new browser window displaying your product listing. 

Note: Sellers can view your product via Homepage> For Buying> Browsing Categories> Group Buy.

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