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How to track your orders

To track your orders on a website, follow these steps: Check your email: Most websites will send you an email confirmation after you place an order. This email will contain information such as your order number, estimated delivery date, and tracking number (if applicable). Keep this email ...

How to purchase lelong offers

If you want to request access to wholesale products on a website, you can follow these steps: Look for information on the website: Check the website's menu, footer, or contact page for any information about their wholesale program. Look for a "Wholesale" or "Bulk Orders" link. Contact the ...

How to Make Urgent Request

If you want to make an urgent request for a quotation for, you can follow these steps: Go to A webpage will be open with different options on the top bar of the website. Click on urgent Request. As shown in the figure Your login credentials ...

Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to make Vendor Review? To make a vendor review for a website, follow these steps: Visit the vendor's page: Visit the vendor's page on the website and look for the option to leave a review. This may be a button that says "Leave a Review" or "Write a Review." Give a star rating: ...

Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

1.Click on the Selling Options tab. 2.Scroll down to the Seller FAQs section and enable the FAQs module. 3.Click on the Save Changes button. 4.Go to the Seller FAQs tab in the Dokan dashboard. 5.Click on the Add New FAQ button to add a new FAQ. 6.Enter the question in the Question ...

How to manage your orders

For Vendors: 1.Log in to your dashboard as a vendor. 2.Go to the Dokan dashboard and click on the Orders tab. 3.Here, you will see a list of all your orders. 4.To view the details of an order, click on the order number. 5.Here, you can see the order details, including customer ...

How to handle Requests and Quotations

1.Click on the Selling Options tab. 2.Scroll down to the Quotation Request Options section and enable the Quotation Module. 3.Set the Default Status to Pending, Approved or Rejected. 4.Click on the Save Changes button. 5.To view the list of quotation requests, go to the Quotation tab ...

How to create wholesale products

1.Click on the Selling Options tab. 2.Scroll down to the Wholesale Options section and enable the Wholesale Module. 3.Set the Wholesale Quantity Step to the number of units per wholesale package. 4.Set the Wholesale Discount to the percentage of the regular price that should be discounted ...

How to list products and services

Once you have registered as Vendor. Add username and Password to go in the Dashboard of your store that will look like in the figure From Dashboard Go to Products option page will open as shown in the figure By clicking on Add new Products, a new page will open where upload the ...

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